Wealth Secrets EXPOSED! How to Use the Power of Leverage to Create Wealth and Grow Massive Income!

I began to research different home based business opportunities to leverage money and create wealth. The conclusion I reached is that the only thing that makes sense are opportunities that leverage your time and/or your money. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I found this concept absolutely fascinating – the power of leverage money and income growth.

What does leverage mean? Simply stated it means “much work with little effort.” You might also hear it explained as “working smarter, not harder.” Bottom line. I want to continue to earn in the future on work I do today. You may have heard the term residual income. I want to earn money while I’m sleeping. Another definition of leverage is “borrowing money to magnify returns”.

Get MORE Business Online, Create Multiple Streams Of Income And Make MORE Money Online – That’s How To Leverage Your Money!

Are you working long hours, but not making enough money with your job or business?

You will also learn how to create Multiple Streams Of Income for your business. When you sell your time for money, you have no business leverage. Once you stop working you are not making any money. With multiple streams of income and leverage money, you can earn money while you are on a beach vacation, taking care of your family or sleeping. Imagine being on vacation and getting and email message from your from your merchant account telling you that you just made $10,000 while you were at the beach. This is possible when you have Multiple Streams Of Income and leverage money.

Home Business Leverage: Learn to Provide it for Your Own Business

You’ve decided to start your own home-based business, but you’re not quite sure what kind of business to start and how to start it right. You want your business to work but you don’t know what to invest in it to get it to succeed. And as if you didn’t have enough problems, you have very little money and do not want to spend it all on a business that might not make it.

So what are you to do?

You’ll need to provide leverage for your business. And the best part is, home business leverage does not always mean money – there are plenty of other ways to give your business that extra push it needs to get started.

Here are some ways to provide that much needed leverage for your home-based business.

Leverage your business with your time.

Find a home-based business that allows you to invest your time, instead of large amounts of money, on the venture. A home business idea that requires you to use your free time as capital along with a small monetary investment is one that’s less risky but has lots of potential for providing you with generous earnings and grow massive income.

Also, make sure that the home based business you decide to start not only allows you to leverage your time, but more importantly, it should leverage your money and time wisely. This refers to you investing a small amount of time but reaping large rewards.

Leverage your business with your money.

Just because you don’t have a lot of it doesn’t mean you can’t use the little that you have to provide you with huge, generous returns, and you can do so by finding a home business that allows you to leverage your money. By leveraging the little capital that you have in a home business, you may be able to earn maximum returns with minimal investment.

So before venturing into a particular home business, study your options carefully. Research the industries available and determine the most lucrative one, and consider venturing into that.

One home based business that allows you to leverage your money and create massive income is EDC Gold, Easy Daily Cash Gold. With a small amount of money spent on advertising, EDC Gold can turn $300 into $3,000 or more using the power of leverage! You can earn either $297 or $997 for each sale made with EDC Gold. Just imagine running an advertising campaign to reach 500,000 people. With only a 1% response rate, that would generate 5,000 leads. And let’s say you only get 1% sales rate…that would be 50 sales at $997 each for a total of $49,850. That’s the power of leverage income!


Money is an Object – Christians and Their Cash

Recently, several well-meaning friends have lovingly encouraged me to ask my subscribers and readers for funds. They were referring to YOU, my friend.

I’d like to say a few things about my personal convictions regarding ministry and money. Remember, these are MY personal convictions based upon my OWN experiences with God; they are not intended to serves as some sort of “formula for success.” That would feel too much like witchcraft to me. Perhaps they just might clarify some issues within your own soul as well.

Not long ago, my wonderful wife, Barbara, and I decided that we would not ask for money for ourselves. Will we accept it? Yes, we will, because we would not deny anyone the blessing that comes from giving. We understand the principals of reaping and sowing. We’ve come to understand how God’s Kingdom economy actually works – like gravity or any other law – and we dove in with both feet. This is a principle of God that ALL would be wise to embrace.


I have a friend who has been in ministry for decades. He is a follower of George Mueller’s example, a ministry to 100,000 British orphans that was wonderfully blessed – miraculously – as God laid it upon people’s hearts to support his work. The history of the Bristol orphanages is page after page of answered prayer. Nothing was too small to bring to the Lord in prayer. In his prayers, Mueller would confidently set his need and his case before God: “He is their Father, and therefore has pledged Himself, as it were, to provide for them; and I have only to remind Him of the need of these poor children in order to have it supplied.”

Mueller was convicted NOT to ask people for money. He had joyfully dedicated his “whole life to the object of exemplifying how much may be accomplished by prayer and faith.” When he had moved to Bristol in 1832 to take the pulpit of Gideon chapel, he and his wife Mary decided not to accept a salary from the congregation. They wanted to daily depend upon the Lord for their needs, and they accepted only unsolicited freewill offerings. Mueller’s journal is full of the amazing ways the Lord directed funds to them throughout his sixty-six years of ministry.

My friend told me that, although his own family has scraped the bottom of the barrel throughout their married lives, several years ago, they prayed that God would allow them $10,000 to remain in their bank account AFTER paying all their bills. God was faithful to do so, pouring out a blessing they cannot contain, finances flowing through obedient Believers into his own ministry, allowing them to maintain that exact dollar amount each month for the past two years.

My friend’s secret? He GAVE to other ministries as the Spirit led!

I have seen the evidence of this step-of-faith with my own eyes. A few months ago, while driving this same man to Stephenville to do a meeting here, I asked him if there was a certain point in the meeting when he wanted me to collect an offering for him. He looked me in the eye and smiled, “I didn’t come here to collect an offering. I came because God led me to come here. You do what the Spirit leads you to do.” In two days, I believe he received around $1,400, as individuals from a group of around 30 attendees slipped money and checks into his hand. His meals were provided for as were his accommodations, meals and transportation.


Likewise, in my own life, God has done many financial miracles. For example, I never charge for doing weddings. I love to do weddings! Without charging, I have received some incredible amounts of money – with hotel accommodations – from people who felt led to give. When I was as poor as a church mouse, walking with a cane, I remember placing my last 18 cents in the offering plate. Since that time, I was healed of an incurable spinal disease, married an angel who, when paying bills, actually ASKS where we should give and never says ‘no’ when I feel led to give, and I’ve been blessed with two incredible jobs in six years, the second of which has paid me twice what the first one paid. I have been blessed materially as result. Over the years, I’ve given away three cars, something I’ve always wanted to do, and sold several others REAL cheap. I, too, have become convicted not to ask for money for myself. All we do differently than what we used to do is give stuff away as the Lord leads.

Our secret: To get blessed, we’ve learned that we must remain blessable.

Though Paul taught that it was acceptable for one to earn a living from the Gospel, and Jesus had enough people supporting what He was doing that He had a traveling treasurer named Judas Iscariot, I fail to find any examples of ministers requesting money from their audiences in the New Testament. Where Paul is concerned, I DO see him taking collections for others, for example, the unfortunate famine victims of Jerusalem.


These days, as I carry on several long-distance relationships with ministers in third world countries, I see in them no desire to do anything frivolous with money. When I recently sent money to a man in a Muslim nation, he said he would buy Bibles with most of it and an electric fan and food for 5 orphaned ex-Muslims whom he had baptized just that morning. My mind was screaming, “Save some for yourself, man! Buy yourself something nice!” There I go acting American again.

When I heard about a month ago that this same individual could use a motorbike to reach out to the nearly 900 churches he’d planted, one eMail to my subscriber base generated all the money he needed and more! I received checks and PayPal donations from people whose faces I’d never seen; people who were simply obeying the Holy Spirit. In a nation where most Christians are jobless, or working as janitors at best, he can think of nothing that he really needs. “God is my Provider!” he exclaims, joyfully. “I am not a lover of money, but a lover of God!”


I’d be remiss if I did not tell the truth about finances from time to time. Though past experience has been that some people will unsubscribe whenever I mention the subject of money, seeing me as “just like all the other money-grubbing ministers out there,” I am compelled to teach that which will benefit readers the most. The devil will certainly lie to many, telling them that my intentions are less than noble. I believe this is exactly according to his plan.

I will resist the urge to quote many Scriptures for you regarding giving and financial prosperity. I won’t do that, but I will quote a dear friend of mine whose Christian lifestyle we could all learn from: “Every time we are admonished to give, there follows a wonderful promise of material blessing IN THIS LIFE, plus reward in the next life.”

Here are a few of the passages that encourage us to give, followed with the promise of material blessing:

“There is one who scatters, yet increases all the more. And there is one who withholds what is justly due, but it results only in want.” (Proverbs 11:24)

“Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace (material blessing) abound (overflow) to you, so that in all things, at all times, having all that you need, you will abound (overflow) in every good work.”
(II Cor. 9:7-8)

“Honor the Lord from your wealth and from the first of all your produce; so your barns will overflow with plenty and your vats will overflow with new wine.” (Prov. 3:9-10)

“The generous man will be prosperous and he who waters will himself be watered.” (Prov. 11:25)

“Give and it will be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, they will pour into your lap. For whatever measure you deal out to others, it will be dealt to you in return.” (Luke 6:38)

These verses, and many others, clearly reflect that we are not only to give generously AS THE LORD LEADS but we are to look to Him to fulfill his promises to bless those who give in this way.

We cannot ignore God’s promises without offending his goodness and graciousness toward us. The reason these promises have not been fulfilled in many lives is because we have been taught to give without any expectation of return or that it is wrong to give expecting something in return. It is not wrong to give as God leads us and then expect Him to do what He has clearly promised that He would do in His Word. This is defined as FAITH. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

Do you agree? Note that I’m not teaching that we should “give to get,” but knowing that God is the Giver of all good things, having experienced His generosity on a firsthand basis, with intimate firsthand knowledge of that aspect of His character, I can state, with confidence, that when Scripture quotes the Father as saying, “Try Me…see if I won’t pour out a blessing that you cannot contain, (Mal 3:7-11),” it’s 100% TRUE!

But we must give as the Spirit leads and with a pure motive; to advance God’s Kingdom through His people.

If we Christians in the Western world would take hold of this truth, we could change the world. Malachi 3:9 warns us, “You are cursed with the curse, for you are robbing Me, even this whole nation.” The passage goes on to instruct us HOW to reverse this curse in verse 10: “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse (I believe that’s His Kingdom, NOT a church building or denomination), that there may be food in My house (providence among His people), and prove Me now by it, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of Heaven for you and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”

Not only will we be blessed for our obedience, but verse 11 declares:

“…I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground, neither shall your vine drop its fruit before the time in the field, says the Lord of hosts.” In other words, that hard-earned money that seems to leak through your hands like water, going to pay for taxes and temptations so frequently that we are “in the red” more often than not, leaving you unable to care for those who need your help, will stop trickling away. Maybe more of us can get to the point – as a result of our giving – where we’ll have $10,000 left after our bills are paid, rather than having more month left after our money.

Am I being legalistic here? No. Neither was my friend and neither was George Mueller. Nobody HAS to do anything, however, we are wise to do what the Spirit guides us to do. This isn’t legalism; it’s a wonderful New Testament example that I strongly recommend we should all begin to follow.


Are You Really As Successful As You Think You Are? Read This Article To Find Out

Do you consider yourself successful? If you said yes, let me help you put your success in perspective by asking you another question. Are the people in your life (i.E those you surround yourself with) – friends, relatives, associates etc. – also enjoying reasonable success in their own life pursuits? Or are most of them struggling with various degrees of failure/frustration?

Do they seem to look at you in awe with little belief that they can ever be successful like YOU? If YES, then I suggest you take a close look at YOURSELF. Something is wrong and YOU may just be IT. By this I mean it is quite likely you may not be doing enough to EMPOWER those around you to achieve their own authentic successes.

It is my strong belief that anyone who claims to be successful will prove it by making his/her success rub off on others (i.e. making his/her success “contagious”). If you feel comfortable having people who continually underachieve around you, and you do not feel a compelling NEED to challenge them to SIT UP and take diligent personal action to become better, then YOU are not as successful as you think you are – No matter how much money or fame you enjoy!

Does Anyone Look Up To You?

How many people can you point to who would want you to be their mentor today – and would still feel that way a year after? The answer will come easily to you – if you’re honest with yourself. To those who think playing safe, being risk-averse, never making mistakes etc is the way to go, let me say this: You cannot give what you don’t have!

It is likely that you already have people who look up to you now at home, work or in the neighbourhood/society. What will you have to offer them (that will be of lasting value) if you haven’t tried out anything to be sure it works? You can give money and get someone to say thank you. But you can really change someone’s life for the better – and possibly forever – by teaching him/her how to go about doing something useful that YOU have learnt how to do (sometimes the hard way).

E.g: Maybe you went out on a limb to do it, when you knew absolutely NOTHING about it, making mistakes, and learning from them – UNTIL you became as good as you now are in it. Sharing that experience with someone about to face a similar challenge could make the difference that helps him/her achieve the breakthrough s/he needs!

The Interesting Paradox About Sharing

Sadly, some people don’t believe in sharing like that. They are fond of saying things like: “Ah, no O! Do you know how many years it took me to learn to operate that thing? How can I just teach you to use it just like that? You will have to find your way and learn too! Do you think it is easy? 10 years experience is not a joke O!”

But many people who are authentically successful do it everyday – I mean sharing. They don’t like to have others re-invent the wheel by going the long, hard way when there is an easier and better alternative that can be used to achieve the same end. Consider all the wonderfully useful resources that today’s successful people give away (sometimes free) through the Internet alone, and you will appreciate what I mean.

Funny thing is despite “sharing/revealing their secrets”, these generous hearted celebrities have not stopped being successful. On the contrary, they remain leaders in their various fields. If anything, they seem to grow in stature as they continue to share freely with others less fortunate than themselves!

In contrast, have you noticed that people who are “stingy” with knowledge/gifts they have, are often the greediest users of the gifts made freely accessible by the above mentioned successful persons. They are seldom to be found putting up useful knowledge they have on the net for others to freely download (even if for a fee). They only consume – and very rarely CREATE for others to consume. They take, take, take and take.

Yet they wonder why they never really attain the heights of success that those who give freely do. Anyone who is guilty of being like this, needs to change for the better if s/he truly desires to achieve great heights of authentic success. S/he must begin to think of how to improve the lot of others around him/her even as s/he strives for more personal successes.


By working hard to make a POSITIVE and impactful difference in the lives of others using your knowledge and skills, you will over time build goodwill for yourself with others. Many of those who benefit from your generousity WILL begin to look up to you – for guidance, and more importantly LEADERSHIP. They will believe in you , and one day will demonstrate that belief by going out of their way to give YOU the support you need when you least expect it – and possibly when it matters most! Mark my words, this often happens.

So, why should you say you’re “just okay”, “doing fine” or “have no problems” when all around you are people actively searching for someone to spend time with them and SHOW them how to achieve the kind of “success” you claim to have achieved? If you are truly authentically successful, then you will not be scared to share the secrets of your success with those less fortunate than you, who are yet to discover them.

Multiply yourself in others. Clone Yourself(TM). Share that little that you have and help others grow, then see how it comes back to you in multiple folds. Play your part in making the world better than it currently is by helping another person(s) discover/actualise his/her GENIUS like you are doing!

“It is only as we develop others that we succeed permanently” – Harvey Firestone

FINAL WORDS – IN FORM OF A WARNING: Before I go, I must draw your attention to a VERY valid observation made by Dan Kennedy in one of his books. He noted that some people DO NOT want to be helped or motivated or challenged to improve themselves. YOU may see that THEY need to sit up, and decide to encourage them to do so, but THEY may NOT want to be “disturbed” in that manner, and being quite happy where they are, could take SERIOUS objection to your efforts!

“Strange”, yes, but quite TRUE – as I have, like Dan, personally discovered. The implication of the foregoing is therefore that you will want to avoid destroying your relationship with someone by pushing too hard for him/her to change aim for success like you. If you notice that s/he seems unwilling to be “challenged to aim higher”, you might be better off letting him/her be!


Pubic Hair Removal – 10 Tips To Help You With Successful & Pain Free Pubic Hair Removal

Both men and women share a common concern on removing unwanted hair. However, they have different body parts which need to be free of unwanted hair. For example, it is socially acceptable for men to have a mustache, but not for women. It is also socially acceptable for men to have hair in the underarms, but, again, not on women. One major area of concern for women today is their bikini line and so they are always searching for the best pubic hair removal product or treatment.

Aside from the fact that pubic hair on the bikini line hinders women from wearing sexy two-piece bikinis, it is also a big turn-off for their partners. Unfortunately, though women are convinced of having a clean bikini line, most are hesitant to go through a pubic hair removal routine because they are not sure if the process would be actually successful and effective.

If you are considering undergoing treatment for pubic hair removal, here are some tips which you can do to prepare for an effective and successful treatment.

1. Materials – Prepare all the necessary materials when planning to use the method of shaving for pubic hair removal. You will need clean, fresh sharp razors, shaving cream, small scissors, some soap, a loofa scrub as well as baby oil and some lotion. Make sure that you buy and use only the products of brands that you can trust.

2. Position – Sitting upright on a chair with your feet raised up above your waistline is the best possible result for shaving for pubic hair removal.

3. Small Trims – It is not advisable to go right ahead and shave your pubic hair. For pubic hair removal, always start by trimming your pubic hair short to make the whole process of shaving easier and cleaner in result. To trim, hold up a handful of pubic hair and trim inch by careful inch.

4. Warm Bath – A warm, hot bath following your trim will make your pubic hair soft and easy to remove later on. It will also add to a more effective or clean pubic hair removal.

5. Shaving Cream – Generously apply a shaving cream of your choice on the pubic area. Apply the cream right after your warm bath for better results. Other alternatives to shaving cream are shaving gel, shaving lotion or a generous coat of petroleum jelly. Again, make sure that you only use products and brands that you can use. It is also recommended that you test these products on a small area of skin to find out if you have any allergic reaction to the product. If you, after a few minutes, notice any itchiness, redness or rashes, perhaps it is best to use another brand or product for your pubic hair removal.

6. Prepare to Shave – Now that you have performed the above-stated preparations, you are ready for the major step in pubic hair removal. Of course, you can always choose to give it a design that you fancy. Most women simply want to clean up the whole area. Make sure to slowly and carefully shave to avoid cuts. It is not advisable to run the razor more than three times over the same spot as this will only irritate the skin. Stretching your legs far apart will give you access to areas that are normally hard to reach. For first time shavers, it is best to shave gradually. Allow your pubic area to adjust to the process of shaving.

7. Exfoliation – Once shaving is done, exfoliation on the pubic area is advised. You can use a light soap. Avoid using one that is too strong as this might irritate the skin especially when it is soaped right after shaving. Again, for this part of your pubic hair removal, use only brands of exfoliants that you can trust. You may use the softer kind of loofa or body scrub or sponge. Exfoliating after shaving will help remove the dead skin that has been covered for a long time by your pubic hair. It will also clean up the pores and therefore, help prevent skin irritation. The only important thing when you exfoliate is to make sure that you do it gently and softly.

8. Moisturizers – It is good to moisturize the pubic area after all the shaving and the exfoliating involved with pubic hair removal. You can moisturize your pubic area using baby oils. Aloe Vera is also one favorite alternative for moisturizing as this has natural skin-healing abilities. Use only moisturizers that are light, fragrant-free and color-free. These kinds of moisturizers don’t have added chemicals for fragrance and coloring that may be harmful for the recently-shaved area. Mild baby powders may be applied after moisturizing.

9. Cleanliness – Now that you have carried out pubic hair removal and are cleanly shaved, it is best if you maintain a good hygienic routine. This would include the daily cleaning of your genitals and pubic area with feminine wash to keep your private area clean, sweat and odor-free as well as to protect it from irritation from wearing tight underwear or jeans.

10. Regular Shaving – Now that you’ve started with your pubic hair removal practice, it is good to keep up this routine regularly. Regularly shaving will prevent the pubic hair from growing too much which will then require you more time for trimming. Avoid stubbles of pubic hair as this can cause itching and discomfort. Needless to say, the more itchiness, the higher that possibility of you scratching it and the higher the possibility of it being irritated then.

Proper pubic hair removal is nothing more than these ten simple steps away. The important thing to keep in mind with every step is to perform it carefully as your genital area and your pubic hair is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Also, the use of trusted products only could never be stressed highly enough. Where pubic hair removal is concerned, it is always better to be safe than sorry.